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Yunex Traffic is back from the future – headed directly to IMSA in Reno, NV

At Yunex Traffic, we’re Back From the Future and we’re excited to show you that the future is bright! We didn’t time-travel just to come back empty handed. We’re back with our full suite of Yutraffic Solutions, the next generation of traffic control, and we can’t wait to give you a glimpse during the IMSA Forum & Expo in Reno, NV beginning on June 25- 2023.  

What does the future of traffic management look like?

Our booth will be a hub of activity throughout the show with special demos of the next generation of solutions. Mark your calendars, because you aren’t going to want to miss hearing from our product experts on the next generation of traffic control.

Yutraffic Blade

Don’t miss your chance to see how features like onboard edge/IoT computing, quad core processor, dual power supplies, WiFi access and customizable analytics for detailed traffic assessment set this advanced traffic controller miles apart and years ahead from current solutions.

Vision Zero

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We put a huge focus on building solutions that directly support Vision Zero goals. For example, by integrating our Roadside Units (RSUs) with Bosch video sensors, we’re able to detect pedestrians and cyclists in cities and towns and deliver warnings directly into connected vehicles, actively working to protect road users of all kinds. Come see how we can help you achieve your vision zero goals.

Yutraffic Studio

The latest tool in our robust end-to-end portfolio is our brand-new cloud ready, real time traffic management system, Yutraffic Studio. Come and learn how Yutraffic Studio goes far beyond basic ATMS functions; handling massive amounts of internal and third-party data to offer key insights for quick decision making so traffic managers can react to issues in near real time.

Yutraffic Insights

Advanced Signal Performance Measures are a key to lower congestion and increase the efficiency of city roads. Yutraffic Insights is a cloud-based platform that empowers traffic agencies and industry professionals to easily manage, analyze and improve the efficiency of their intersections. Yutraffic Insights uses predictive AI and Machine learning to optimize configurations and offers advanced analytics, alarm customization and management.

All of these groundbreaking solutions will be on display at Booth 203, and better yet, our time travelers have explained how years into the future, these solutions are still running intersections (even those that may be in the sky!)

Our DeLorean will be stopping by Booth 203, so should you!

At Yunex Traffic, we are dedicated to creating solutions to solve for hurdles that we face today in traffic management while also preparing our intersections for the technology that is just around the corner, and our time travelers can’t wait to show you all this in the exciting city of Reno, NV, as it seems the perfect place to land our DeLorean! Stay tuned as we announce more details in the coming weeks!

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