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Never Say No – Our North American Field Services Team on Commitment and Success

Yunex Traffic Field Services crews worked for several months on the Highway 101 project, which ran 10-miles for five to six lanes north and south from the San Mateo Bridge right into the airport. The project also highlights the fact that though Yunex Traffic is on the team’s name, they can install and service equipment from any manufacturer.

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Recap: Yunex Traffic at ITS World Congress 2022

We were one of a few ITS World Congress exhibitors showcasing brand new technology. While much of the industry has contracted amid concerns about the global economy and supply chain issues, we have continued innovating to connect the dots of the mobility revolution. We’re combining innovation with physical products and digital solutions that focus on safety, reducing emissions and improving quality of life.

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Sustainability at Yunex Traffic: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

With our innovative transport solutions, we help cities, road authorities and mobility providers achieve more sustainable mobility. But that's not all we do to take responsibility for our planet. Martin Andrews, Head of Product Management at Yunex Traffic in the UK tells us in an interview how sustainability is integrated into our processes.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: US

We are digitizing traffic in Gainesville! It’s a mid-size town in Florida, but it’s quickly becoming a hot testbed for connected and autonomous vehicle technologies with implications not only for the US, but the entire world. Research and testing are key to these smart city deployments and soon, pedestrians and bicyclists will benefit from new safety tools.

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“If we can do it there, we can do it anywhere.”

Ann Arbor, Michigan represents one of the most complex, challenging traffic management problems in America. Eight Saturdays per year, the city doubles its population as more than 107,000 University of Michigan football fans congregate at the largest stadium in the nation to see their Wolverines take on the nation’s top teams. For Yunex Traffic systems and the traffic managers who control roads within miles of the stadium, football days are their game days too.

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Adaptive Technologies – manage traffic automatically

As everyone is gearing up to watch the Bengals and the Rams go head-to-head this Sunday during the Superbowl, us here in the traffic world are focused on how all those pedestrians and vehicles are going to get in and out of the stadium.

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