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Headed to ITE in Portland? We’re Back From the Future and We’ve Got a Big Story to Share!

Make a date with Yunex Traffic at the Joint ITE International and Western District Annual Meeting and Exhibition and you’ll get a glimpse into the traffic management crystal ball. The meeting is at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, from August 13-16, and we’ll be bringing our next generation traffic control solutions #BackFromTheFuture in our time traveling DeLorean!

Our booth will be a hive of fun and deep insight that would make Doc proud. The conference theme, Connecting People and Communities is perfectly suited, in fact it’s exactly what we do. As one of very few traffic control manufacturers still innovating future-proofed solutions, we’re committed to delivering products and services that will continue to thrive with new applications as they develop, rather than the industry standard of quick obsolescence. Come and see what our time travelers will be showing you in Portland.

Yunex Traffic Schedule of events

Yutraffic Studio

Get a sneak peek at Yutraffic Studio, the latest tool in our robust end-to-end portfolio. It’s our brand-new, cloud-ready real-time traffic management system. You’ll see how Yutraffic Studio goes far beyond basic ATMS functions; handling massive amounts of internal and third-party data to offer key insights so traffic managers can react to issues and make informed decisions.

Yutraffic Blade

You’ll see and experience the advanced controller that’s shaking up our industry with features including onboard edge/IoT computing and a quad core processor that can quickly analyze large data sets directly on the device to provide customizable analytics and utilize AI-based algorithms for improved traffic control. It’s even capable of running native and third-party apps that haven’t even been designed yet, positioning you to meet current and future goals.

Yutraffic Insights

Yutraffic Insights is a cloud-based platform that lets agencies see the future. It’s much more than just an advanced signals performance measures tool, allowing industry professionals to easily manage, analyze and improve the efficiency of an entire road network of intersections using advanced analytics, alarm customization and management. Yutraffic Insights also uses AI and Machine Learning to predict and optimize intersection configurations by analyzing historical data

Vision Zero

Driver, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and building solutions that contribute to the goals of Vision Zero are at the core of everything we do. Right now for example, we’re integrating our Roadside Units (RSUs) with Bosch video sensors to detect pedestrians and deliver warnings directly into connected vehicles. Come see us and we can show you how we’ll help you achieve your Vision Zero goals.

We Take Leadership Very Seriously

At Yunex Traffic, we believe industry leadership comes with responsibility and obligation. On Tuesday, August 15th at 10:15 am in room B117-119, our own Vivian Augele, Solution Engineer, will showcase exactly that during her panel discussion: Creating a Digitized and Connected Infrastructure for Your Agency. She’ll be joined by other experts on digitization and cloud services to look at what the future holds.

So drop us an email at to schedule an appointment or come by our booth #700 and tell us about your issues, so we can tell you about our solutions. You won’t be sorry. And don’t miss the chance to get a picture with our DeLorean because at Yunex Traffic, we’re Back from the Future and we’re excited to tell you, the future looks really good!