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Leading the way to connected mobility

The intelligent system for communication between road vehicles and infrastructure

When it comes to communication, Car2x is the solution: Yunex Traffic‘s cooperative traffic management system allows vehicles to connect with the infrastructure and the traffic control centers. The Road Side Unit (RSU) provides the vehicles directly with time-critical data such as SPAT (Signal Phase and Timing) while non-time-critical information such as IVI (In Vehicle Information) is transmitted from the cooperative ESCoS-CMS traffic management center via LTE to the cars. The result: more effective prevention of congestion and accidents and a stronger reduction in pollutant emissions – essential factors for cities and other municipalities aiming to improve quality of life and boost economic growth.

Car2x – this is how the smart technology works:

  • The infrastructure components are equipped with Sitraffic ESCoS RSU technology
  • The cars use the RSU’s GPS and their own Car2x onboard units to continuously report their position, speed and direction of travel
  • The traffic management system transmits traffic information, traffic restrictions and hazard warnings
  • The control center uses the available Car2x information for more efficient traffic control and guidance

Vehicle-to-Cloud Applications

Red Light Violation Warning

Issues warning to the driver if he is about to run a red light.

Work Zone Warning

Alerts the driver to use caution when traveling through a work zone.

Curve Speed Warning

Alerts the driver if current speed is too fast for an approaching curve.

Speed Limit Warning

Displays the current speed limit to the driver and alerts if the current speed is too fast.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Preempts the current signal operation halting conflicting traffic and allowing the emergency vehicle right-of-way, to help reduce response times and enhance traffic safety.


Remaining green and red times are displayed to the driver, allowing to adjust the approaching speed to avoid unnecessary stops and improve energy efficiency.

Wrong Way Entry

Issues a warning to driver and other vehicles when approaching a lane the wrong way. Can be combined with regular detection.


RSUs send dynamic speed limit warnings to the vehicles when approaching the end of the queue. Can be combined with regular detection.

Transit Signal Priority

Prioritizes transit vehicles at intersections in order to reduce transit travel times.

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Issues a warning to the driver if a pedestrian is detected by the infrastructure and the vehicle is on collision course.

Connected Vehicle Technology

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: Connected Vehicle technology will help you lead the way to seamless mobility making your city ready for the next mobility revolution.

Innovative technical features

  • Integration of all required international V2x communication standards
  • High security standards incl. PKI handling via ESCoS CMS
  • Open interfaces to communicate with controllers via standard connections
  • Defined security concept for maintenance purposes
  • Spare interfaces for future connection of innovative technologies such as LTE5G
  • Full hardware and software compatibility with all Vehicle2x solutions

Technical benefits

  • Deployment as stand-alone or integrated solution
  • Complete integration in the Sitraffic system landscape possible via link-up to ESCoS CMS and Sitraffic Cxx
  • Full compliance with EU and US standards
  • Easy installation
  • Modular concept enables the creation of project-specific solutions and facilitates adaptation to future requirements
  • Multi-purpose mounting system
  • Very accurate positioning performance

Tampa: Innovative vehicle-to-infrastructure technology

Increasingly complex traffic situations at urban intersections require more intelligent solutions. Luckily, real-time data can translate into better information to manage safety and efficiency at these intersections.

Tampa, FL is at the forefront of implementing innovative vehicle-to-infrastructure technology. Read more on how Yunex Traffic helps Tampa keep moving, improving safety and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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