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ITS Controllers

Effectively manage even your most complex intersections with the line of Yunex Traffic Controllers

Developing Traffic Control Solutions for Tomorrow

We take innovation seriously. We continuously evolve our products to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and current national standards while maintaining support for legacy deployments.



Our Linux-based M60 ATC and M60 NEMA with SEPAC software meets the needs of traffic agencies of all sizes. Both provide better control of traffic signals and lower total cost of ownership. Yunex Traffic has made the M60 a feature-rich, robust controller that is backwards compatible to existing M50 controllers making upgrades easy. Its modular hub has all the communication ports required to keep a signalized intersection connected to the traffic management center. The M60 portfolio features multiple unique designs making it easy to find the right fit for your specific cabinet requirements. In addition, the M60 Multiview Display has customizable options such as multiple display color options making it easy to view the screen clearly in any environment, and an option to save your most frequently used menu options as favorites. 


The model 2070LX ATC is at the leading-edge of surface transportation control technology. It supports cross-vendor compatibility between hardware and software and fits the needs of any size intersection. The modular design means it can be easily upgraded and customized. The 2070LX is designed and built for unattended operation in harsh environments. It also meets Caltrans specifications and is interchangeable with standard 170 controllers. Yunex Traffic 2070LX ATC offers versatility with multiple processing, communications, and I/O hardware module options such as the 2070 1-C Module


The Linux-based 2070-1C CPU, hosting an embedded real-time Linux Kernel, brings the power of the next-generation ATC controller to the 2070 platform. It is a scalable, cost-effective upgrade alternative for all model 2070 controllers compliant with TEES 2002 and TEES 2009. It is also compatible with Caltrans specifications. The 2070-1C CPU module enables control of multiple applications simultaneously, allowing flexibility and speed in day to day operation.