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Vehicle2X (V2X) communication

Empowering Smart Roads – Redefining Connectivity and Efficiency

Experience the evolution of modern roads through intelligent digitization. Our V2X Communication technology seamlessly connects vehicles to the infrastructure, ushering in an era of unparalleled precision and efficiency in traffic management. This transformative approach not only alleviates traffic congestion but also plays a pivotal role in reducing accidents and emissions to create a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Our brand new Roadside Unit 2X

Revolutionizing Roadside Connectivity: Unlocking a Safer, Greener Tomorrow

Introducing the Yunex Traffic RSU2X, your gateway to cutting-edge wireless communication between roadside infrastructure and Onboard Units (OBUs). This state-of-the-art, bidirectional communication system via the RSU2X empowers the exchange of crucial information, such as real-time speed limits and instant reception of Onboard messages.

The RSU2X isn’t just a piece of technology; it’s your key to a smarter, safer, and cleaner road network. By providing essential data for a real-time, granular view of traffic conditions, it enables more efficient traffic control. The result? A substantial reduction in accidents and an even more dramatic decrease in emissions than ever before, making it possible to create a greener, healthier environment for all.

The RSU2X stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and interoperability. It is designed to be vendor agnostic and supports NTCIP standards, making it a seamless fit within a broader ecosystem of intelligent transportation solutions. This interoperability with other vendors, particularly controllers, ensures a harmonious integration of our technology with existing infrastructure. As a result, the RSU2X not only keeps the lines of communication open but also paves the way for a connected, efficient, and collaborative future in the world of intelligent transportation systems.

Connected traffic systems

The future of traffic is connected

Embracing the digitalization of roads isn’t just a choice; it’s an essential step towards a brighter tomorrow. Intelligent communication technologies seamlessly bridge the gap between all road users and the infrastructure, redefining the way we experience urban living. This technological evolution isn’t just about convenience; it’s about enhancing the quality of life in our cities and municipalities, and it serves as the bedrock for sustainable growth.

The paths of vehicles and other road users cross at many points. As part of the “Internet of Things”, Vehicle2X connects autonomous vehicles and infrastructure.

And this is how roads become part of the “Internet of Things”

Vehicle2X makes it possible: The Cooperative Management System (CMS) links vehicles with the infrastructure and traffic management centers. The principle is simple: A Roadside Unit (RSU) communicates with both the traffic management center and the vehicles. This is how Vehicle2X works:

  • The RSU sends time-critical information (e.g. the current signal status) directly to the vehicles
  • Static and non-time-critical information (e.g. sign information) can be communicated to the vehicles either by the RSU or the CMS
  • Vehicles continuously report their current position, speed and direction of travel via their Vehicle2X Onboard Units.
  • The RSU collects this information
  • The CMS uses this information to manage traffic more efficiently and in real time


Connect roads, infrastructure and vehicles in real-time

Vehicle2X by Yunex Traffic connects infrastructure systems and vehicles. It can be integrated into existing traffic management centers such as Yutraffic Studio or TACTICS as well as used as a stand-alone solution. So you can pave the way for the digitalization of the road.

Vehicle2X connects the road to the “Internet of things”.

Connecting Roads to the Internet of Things – Unleashing Tomorrow’s Mobility

Vehicle2X technology is the bridge that links cities and municipalities to the boundless possibilities of the “Internet of Things” for our roadways. This connectivity empowers urban areas to embrace innovative traffic management solutions, paving the way for autonomous driving right now. Vehicle2X fosters a secure connection between vehicles and infrastructure, delivering a host of advantages:

  • Elevated Safety: Experience an increase in road safety and a remarkable reduction in accident rates.
  • Seamless Traffic Flow: Optimize traffic flow and wave goodbye to the headache of traffic jams and congestion.
  • Faster Commutes: Cut down your travel time significantly.
  • Greener Environments: Witness a substantial decrease in vehicle emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier world.

Launch an innovative solution on the road with Vehicle2X.

Vehicle2X offers cities and municipalities a multi-functional and future-proof solution with high investment protection. Vehixle2X integrates all internationally required V2X communication standards and is also fully compatible with all Vehicle2X solutions in hardware and software. Thanks to open interfaces, Vexicle2X can communicate with numerous controllers via standard connections and can also be extended later with additional communication modules, e.g. for web-based controllers. Of course Vehicle2X offers you a high level of IT security thanks to the Yunex Traffic Cyber-Security process and a defined security concept for maintenance and service.

Secure communication between vehicles and infrastructure

Vehicle2X – the components

Cooperative Management System (CMS)

CMS is the heart of control. It links and monitors the Roadside Units (RSU) in a central system and sends messages via the RSUs to the road users. CMS allows flexible monitoring of RSUs and traffic at any time and any place:

  • Easy to use thanks to geographical views and displays of traffic messages and data
  • Radio communication (over-the-air) or cable networks for communication with the RSU
  • Based on current technologies like NTCIP, Service/Debug Tools and Map2x

Roadside Unit (RSU2X)

The RSU2X is the central interface for wireless communication between roadside infrastructure and the Onboard Unit (OBU). The bidirectional communication via the RSU2X enables both the transmission of information (e.g. speed limits) and the reception of Onboard messages in real time. A powerful dual-core CPU offers numerous interfaces with high safety standards and ensures a fast connection to back-end systems.

  • Communication via WiFi 802.11p and LTE C-V2X
  • Uses the 5.9 GHz radio band reserved for traffic applications
  • Easy installation due to robust weatherproof housing, stand-alone or integrated with a traffic control unit

Onboard Unit (OBU)

The OBU integrates vehicles into cooperative ITS systems and the deployment of infrastructure-driven services and applications. Via the OBU, Vehicle2X can send hazard alerts to service vehicles or prioritize public transport and emergency vehicles. It enables road users to adapt their driving behavior at an early stage, thus increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Powerful transceiver for smooth communication with the RSUs
  • Very high position and speed determination accuracy
  • Easy installation (plug and play) and operation for the driver
  • Retrofittable and mountable in almost any vehicle

Vehicle2X in operation

Embrace the digital roadway revolution, today

The digital transformation of our roads is no longer on the horizon; it’s happening now. Cooperative systems have become a tangible reality, and at the heart of these advancements lies Vehicle2X technology. It’s not just a concept; it’s actively reducing accidents, optimizing traffic flow, and enhancing fuel efficiency. The future of safer, smoother, and more sustainable mobility begins today.

Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) is at the forefront of transforming the way we navigate urban roads. Through the USDOT Connected Vehicle Deployment Project and the innovative deployment of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (CV2X) technology, THEA has embarked on a pioneering journey to enhance traffic management, safety, and sustainability. From intelligent traffic signal systems that adapt in real-time to the flow of urban movement to Intersection Movement Assistance that acts as a vigilant co-pilot for drivers, and even probe-enabled traffic monitoring that shares vital data among vehicles, this project is set to redefine the urban driving experience. Join us as we explore how THEA’s use of CV2X technology is not just changing the way we move through Tampa’s downtown streets but is shaping the future of urban mobility itself.

City of Gainseville, and the University of FL

With a goal of enhancing safety and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle operators, this endeavor brings together cutting-edge V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) solutions. At its core, the project seeks to disseminate real-time warnings to all road users, creating an informed environment where pedestrians and cyclists approaching crosswalks, and vehicles nearing intersections or midblock crossings, increase their own awareness of each other’s presence.

Spanning across 13 intersections and 6 midblock crossings along high-pedestrian corridors near the University of Florida, the project addresses a concerning trend of pedestrian and bicycle accidents on streets like University Avenue, SW 13th Street, Museum Road, and Gale Lemerand Drive. With an end-to-end V2X solution, the project seamlessly connects vehicles to field and central management levels, allowing for improved traffic management through real-time vehicle data for traffic control and incident management. The result is not only increased safety for all road users but also enhanced traffic flow, achieved by providing crucial traffic signal information to vehicles and prioritizing transit and emergency vehicles.


Bring digitalized roads to your city

The traffic of the future is connected – and this future starts now. How to make the best use of Vehicle2X? We will develop your individual Vehicle2X solution together with you.

Our experts are happy to assist you.