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Yutraffic Blade

Next generation traffic control platform—at your fingertips today

Introducing the Yutraffic Blade, a transportation control platform that goes far beyond intersection control. This next generation IoT platform for intelligent transportation systems combines edge-computing technology with a traditional Advanced Transportation Controller, building a bridge to future technologies, today.

Yutraffic Blade

One platform—endless possibilities

Not only can the Yutraffic Blade manage traffic management applications available for today‘s intersections, this next generation device is prepared for the future of ITS technologies—even those that haven‘t been developed. Its powerful engine board and scalable architecture make it the last traffic controller you will ever need to buy.

Secure your city, protect your peace of mind

The need to secure the systems that manage our traffic becomes more prevalent with every passing day. Agencies and their IT departments need systems they can rely on and not just meet, but exceed existing security standards. The Yutraffic Blade has been designed with Enterprise Network security in mind from day one and responds to the growing needs around critical infrastructure and Zero-Trust environments.

Remote diagnostics, anytime, anywhere

Imagine the time and resources that could be saved if you were alerted of a fault and know if any equipment would be needed long before you dispatch a technician to a downed intersection.

With the Yutraffic Blade you can remotely view, diagnose, and dispatch staff with the information and equipment they need to fix and maintain intersections. Save resources and effectively manage the maintenance of your equipment with remote and secure connectivity and advanced diagnostics.

Real data, at your fingertips

The Yutraffic Blade is the only device on the market that empowers transportation engineers to optimize timing plans by easily accessing advanced analytics based on historical data stored locally on the transportation controller without the need for additional 3rd party reporting solutions.

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From mid-blocks to complex intersections, the Yutraffic Blade’s scalable architecture makes it the perfect fit for any intersection, no matter the challenge


From the system architecture down to the component level, the Yutraffic Blade has been designed and tested for high MTBF in harsh environmental conditions, making it extremely durable and reliable


The Yutraffic Blade has been designed with IT Security in mind from day one, and responds to growing needs around critical infrastructure and Zero Trust environments.

A modern solution for modern problems

The Yutraffic Blade’s enhanced user experience begins with a full-color, 7-inch retractable touchscreen display with a familiar keypad layout making it simple to use.

The Yunex Traffic Operating System (YuOS) User Interface empowers the user to not only access the traffic controller front panel interface from anywhere on any device; but also provides a vantage point of the overall intersection—traffic cabinet status, power and environmental status, signal performance reports and any active alarms which are all easily accessible to the user. In addition, the interface is expandable in order to support plug-in applications for both today’s and tomorrow’s technology needs.

Reliability you can count on

Ongoing power to critical devices such as traffic controllers and signals is essential to the safety of road users, as well as the efficient movement of goods and services. Power supply redundancy ensures that mission critical devices continue to run, even if a component failure occurs. The Yutraffic Blade is equipped with hot-swappable redundant power supplies ensuring that your intersections keep running.

Built for any size deployment

The intersections of today are becoming increasingly complex, requiring more equipment deployed inside and outside the traffic cabinet to manage advanced transportation and multi-modal solutions. The Yutraffic Blade replaces extra hardware by consolidating the solutions into the already compact 2U form factor device, making it perfect for any cabinet large or small. This sleek and versatile transportation platform can be either shelf or rack mounted.