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Yutraffic Insights

More than your typical Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Tool (ATSPM)

With Yutraffic Insights, cities and professionals not only gain unprecedented control over their traffic signal infrastructure, you receive key metrics to understand the health, safety, and efficiency of your network. Imagine a tool that not only monitors the pulse of your transportation network (tracking arrival on greens, queue lengths and vehicles per hour) but also empowers you to make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of the system and enhance the traveler experience through features such as Insights Optimization. From reducing congestion to enhancing pedestrian safety, and minimizing environmental impact, Yutraffic Insights holds the key to unlocking a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable city.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace the future of intelligent traffic management with Yunex Traffic’s Insights – where customization meets efficiency, and your city’s goals are at the forefront of every signal adjustment. Take control, optimize, and transform your city’s traffic landscape with Insights.

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility
Yutraffic Insights: Your City’s Real-Time Traffic Pulse Monitor

Introducing Yunex Traffic’s revolutionary Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Management (ATSPM) tool – Yutraffic Insights! Think of it as a fitness tracker for your city’s bustling signal system, designed to elevate urban mobility, enhance safety, and promote environmental sustainability.

Just like a fitness tracker monitors and optimizes your personal health goals, Insights measures the pulse of your city through utilizing high-resolutions data collected every tenth of a second. These data sets can also be tailored to meet each city’s unique objectives. It goes beyond traditional traffic management by providing a dynamic platform that allows municipalities to fine-tune their signal systems according to their specific mobility needs, safety standards, and environmental considerations.

Optimizing Intersections: Algorithmic Efficiencies with Yutraffic Inights

Yunex Traffic has pioneered traffic optimization through the use of Artificial Intelligence and these same methodologies are leveraged within the Yutraffic Insights platform to forecast the optimal intersection configuration through the analysis of historical data. This innovative technology enables the optimization of configuration settings to allow corridors to flow smoothly and city grids to operate more efficiently by providing recommendations for Offset Times, Split Times, and Cycle Lengths.

By leveraging advanced analytics, Yutraffic Insights empowers traffic professionals to make informed decisions and enhance the efficiency of intersection management.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic and instantaneous data transfer from controllers and Yutraffic Studio to Yutraffic Insights
  • Seamless integration with Yutraffic Studio. Access Yutraffic Insights directly from your Yutraffic Studio platform or an internet browser
  • Access intersection data anywhere your laptop goes, anytime via the cloud
  • Build and subscribe to customized alarms with the Intuitive Alarm Logic Build

Yutraffic Insights Dashboard

Yutraffic Insights’ Dashboard provides traffic professionals with a quick overview on problem intersections:

• Heat map provides users with a quick overview of problem intersections
• Display top 10 intersections with most alarms
• Make metric management easy with customized controls and thresholds

Yutraffic Insights Alarm Management

Uniqueness defines every city and municipality, and so should their alarms. Yutraffic Insights goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Its intuitive Alarm Logic builder empowers each city to craft tailored alarms and categories, meeting the needs of any size and complexity of the city.

Yutraffic Insights Analytics

Empowering both technical and non-technical users, Yutraffic Insights boasts a user-friendly design facilitating seamless data analytics. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly pull, manipulate, analyze, and share data, featuring automatic uploads of high resolution data, detailed performance metrics, one-click export and sharing, and much more.

Yutraffic Insights Reports

The reporting function within Yutraffic Insights is designed to provide comprehensive, real-time data analytics and visualization tools for traffic management professionals. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our reporting feature empowers users to make data-driven decisions, optimize traffic flow, and improve overall transportation efficiency. Take charge of your intersections with comprehensive reports like Coordination Health, Pedestrian Delay, Yellow Trap Occurrences and much much more.

Transit Signal Priority

Elevate public transportation efficiency with our advanced TSP feature. Designed to prioritize transit vehicles at signalized intersections, TSP reduces wait times and improves on-time performance. By dynamically adjusting traffic signals in real-time, Yutraffic Insights ensures seamless integration between transit systems and traffic management. Experience smoother commutes, reduced delays, and enhanced transit reliability with our TSP solution.


Yutraffic Optimizer

The Optimizer application uses an iterative algorithm based on academic research to give localized recommendations for the offset, split and cycle lengths.  These localized recommendations provide more enhanced data recommendations to the local traffic engineers to improve intersection performance.

Fine tune the allocation of green time, synchronize traffic signals along corridors to create “green waves”, and enhance the adaptability and efficiency of your city’s signal systems with split, offset, and cycle time optimization.

Introducing Yunex Traffic User Groups

Join the mobility revolution – make a difference

At Yunex Traffic, we believe that collaboration and feedback are integral to innovation and excellence in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry. With this vision in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the Yunex Traffic User Groups—a dynamic platform designed to foster meaningful interactions, influence product roadmaps, and shape the future of traffic management technology.

The primary objective of the Yunex Traffic User Groups is to create a community of passionate professionals, stakeholders, and partners who share a common interest in advancing the field of ITS.

  1. Influence Product Roadmaps: User Groups will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and insights that directly influence the development and enhancement of our products and solutions.
  2. Test New Features: As a member of the User Group, you will have exclusive access to beta features and prototypes, allowing you to test and evaluate new functionalities before they are released to the broader market.
  3. Early Adoption of Technology: Be the first to experience cutting-edge technology innovations, gaining a competitive edge in your operations and strategies