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Yutraffic Studio

Navigate the future of traffic management

One overarching management platform for seamless integration of multiple systems. Put your data to use to create not only smart cities – but safe, efficient, and clean cities.
Yutraffic Studio enables comprehensive transportation management use cases for cities of all sizes – from simple field device monitoring to complex environmental traffic management.

Yutraffic Studio

Because Smart Cities require the smartest technology

Yutraffic Studio’s next generation platform was developed to face the challenges all cities – whether big or small are up against. A Smart City needs a system that enables traffic management that responds to issues quickly, effectively, reliably, and safely. Yutraffic Studio does just that and is accompanied by high quality performance in planning, monitoring, managing, and optimizing cities from anywhere in the world.

Monitor, control, and optimize traffic light systems in real time

Control traffic lights in your network dynamically while optimizing traffic flow. Define dynamic thresholds to adapt your traffic light control to the current traffic volume in real time or inform maintenance and service teams and immediately transmit the status of the affected systems. Yutraffic Studio supports you with intuitive dashboards and diagrams, so that you can always keep an eye on the status of your traffic lights – including information on functions such as green wave, circuit diagrams and public transport prioritization.

Directly measure what previously could only be estimated and modeled

Yutraffic Studio seamlessly integrates with our Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Monitoring (ATSPM) platform, Yutraffic Insights, to provide comprehensive traffic management solutions that allows transportation agencies to not only efficiently manage traffic flow but also gain valuable insights into signal performance. This integration enables real-time monitoring of signal performance, identifying issues and optimizing signal timings for enhanced traffic flow. The combination of ATMS Studio and Yutraffic Insights empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions, reduce congestion, and improve overall transportation efficiency.

Keep transit vehicles moving

Give transit the green light. With Yutraffic Studio,  transit agencies can seamlessly integrate TSP strategies into their traffic management operations. Our user-friendly interface allows agencies to define specific routes and schedules for priority vehicles, ensuring they encounter minimal delays at signalized intersections. Through real-time communication with traffic signals and transit vehicles, ATMS Studio dynamically adjusts signal timings to accommodate priority requests.

Optimize traffic control and enhance communication with drivers

Yutraffic Studio continuously collects, processes, and analyzes real-time traffic data, enabling traffic managers to make informed decisions about when and what messages to display to Digital Message Signs (DMS). This integration ensures that signage conveys accurate and timely information to drivers on traffic delays or hazardous road conditions.

One transportation management platform – endless possibilities

Today the comprehensive platform takes a modern approach to traffic management with a microservice architecture to supports multiple applications and solutions and provides ONE comprehensive system, that does more than traffic control and helps cities become safer, more efficient, and cleaner. This single platform is ready’ to tackle today’s transportation challenges and achieves tomorrows smart city goals.

The cities of tomorrow will become more and more connected. The data we are collecting will continue to drive future applications. Yutraffic Studio is ready for these challenges and our team is developing future applications now.

Environmental Traffic Management

With Yutraffic Studio, cities can prevent high emmission values. This is achieved through emmission modeling and forecasting for a comprehensive emmission overview, even without physical detectors in the field. Yutraffic Studio also enables the proactive detection of critical emmission situations for effective traffic management.

Multimodal Traffic Management

Yutraffic Studio supports traffic management which includes different modes of transport such as rail, bus and other mobility services. Our system acts as a collaborative platform for traffic operators and allows combining data from different systems to create a holistic visualization of the current traffic situation. This allows taking proactive measures to improve traffic flow.

Connected Vehicle

Yutraffic Studio supports seamless communication with connected vehicles thanks to numerous integrated functionalities. This extends the reach of your traffic management and supports mobility participants with up-to-date data on the traffic situation. Roadside units of different manufacturers can be used to send hazard warnings directly to vehicles and the drivers to decrease response times.

Simulation and Prediction

Our Yutraffic Studio platform harnesses the power of real-time traffic simulation and prediction. This integration allows transportation authorities to accurately model and forecast traffic conditions, enabling proactive responses to congestion, incidents, and special events. Studio’s user-friendly interface provides access to Aimsun Live’s predictive capabilities, empowering traffic managers to make informed decisions based on accurate simulations. This combination of technologies not only enhances traffic management but also supports effective planning and resource allocation, ultimately contributing to safer and more efficient urban mobility solutions

Keep our cities moving

Stay ahead of congestion and proactively act for both planned and unplanned disruptions.

Keep our cities green

Monitor and control emissions to keep them below acceptable thresholds.

Keep our cities safe

Coordinate complex mobility landscapes with multiple operators in a multimodal environment to ensure quick incident responses and safety for all road users.

Customer driven innovation: Transfroming traffic management with Yutraffic Studio

At Yunex Traffic, we’ve reimagined traffic management with a keen ear to our customers’ needs, prioritizing features that the industry is eagerly seeking. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the known boundaries, and Yutraffic Studio embodies this ethos from day one. By actively listening to our customers, we’ve crafted a solution that not only excels in what we do best but also adapts and evolves with the ever-changing landscape of transportation management. Yutraffic Studio offers your city a wealth of key benefits, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Enable Scalability
    Built on state-of-the-art technology for secure development, deployment and operations. Easily integrate external data sources, 3rd party apps and share data.
  • Enhanced Cyber Security
    Yutraffic Studio’s enhanced cybersecurity features encompass encryption, secure user authentication, and continuous monitoring to detect and respond to any suspicious activities. By aligning with stringent government standards such as FIPS 140, Studio provides our clients with the assurance that their data and operations are protected at the highest level, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to data security within the ITS industry.
  • Improved User Experience
    We prioritize user needs and workflows, making the traffic management process efficient and intuitive. Yutraffic Studio’s thoughtful UX design ensures that traffic professionals can easily access and utilize its powerful features, ultimately contributing to better decision-making and more effective traffic management strategies.
  • Ease of Operations
    SSO streamlines access to our platforms and services, allowing users to authenticate once and seamlessly navigate across multiple applications, saving time and reducing password-related hassles. This feature enhances data security and simplifies user onboarding and offboarding.

Why SaaS?

SaaS solutions provide scalability, security, and an improved user experience, revolutionizing transportation management as we know it today. With SaaS solutions, public authorities can swiftly adapt to changing industry demands, and have access to cutting-edge technology without the burden of managing complex infrastructure. Moreover, SaaS platforms often incorporate regular updates and enhancements, ensuring that latest features and security measures are accessible. This not only streamlines operations but also promotes collaboration among different stakeholders.

Guaranteed reliability: Certified according to ISO/IEC

The availability, reliability and security of our traffic management platforms are certified to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. By certifying the products, systems and services in our portfolio to ISO/IEC 27001, we ensure that all IT security technologies always meet the latest technical standards. The two-stage security concept of our traffic management platforms and the security standards of the field devices, servers and data transmission also contribute to a high level of security.

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