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Improving mobility, reducing emissions

Digitizing mobility is our passion. It makes road networks and fleets safer and smarter, benefiting people as well as the environment. The course for future-oriented urban landscapes is being set today. We are committed to being an innovation driver and solution partner for city and highway administrations as well as mobility operators—here and across the globe. Together, we can reduce accidents, congestion, and CO2 emissions generated from cities. In doing so, we sustainably increase the value of infrastructure across its life cycle, ensuring more economical mobility and a better quality of life.

Global Market leader’s expertise: start-up’s agility.

Yunex Traffic combines the best of both these worlds: profound technological expertise and the flexibility to bring its expertise to life anywhere. Founded and matured under the Siemens technical umbrella, armed with market-leading expertise and many years of experience in infrastructure projects, we are now an independent, market-leading and agile mobility innovator. This gives us the freedom to enter into goal-oriented partnerships and collaborations, successfully implementing infrastructure projects for city and highway authorities as well as mobility operators. (Global Company Page)

Big enough to change the world. Agile enough to get the job done thoroughly.

Today, Yunex Traffic operates in 24 countries around the world with over 3,100 employees from 58 nations. We are working in more than 110 cities, permanently improving infrastructure environmentally-friendliness and making it more efficient using the latest digital technology, such as artificial intelligence. In doing so, we act as a consistently customer-focused powerhouse, cultivating entrepreneurial and global thinking at all levels.

We know how important constructive partnerships are if common mobility and CO2 targets are to be achieved. That is why we focus on maintaining a close, cooperative working relationship with our clients. People- and environmentally-friendly infrastructure is a challenging task that is best overcome as a community. (Global Company Page)