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Unparalleled Intersection Control

Smart cities need smart intersections

As cities and urban areas continue to expand, congestion and pollution pose ever-increasing challenges. Our suite of traffic signal and corridor management solutions not only addresses the present issues but also prepares us for tomorrow’s demands. By strategically positioning intelligence at signalized intersections, we ensure efficient traffic flow today while laying the groundwork for a smarter, greener future. Our commitment is to create sustainable, resilient cities where people, goods, and data move seamlessly, ready to meet the challenges of urban growth.

Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

Intelligent traffic management for today and tomorrow

Our comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions enables you to manage traffic both efficiently and effectively. The results: measurable improvements in traffic flow, lower emissions from traffic, and higher road safety.

Intersection Control Software

SEPAC offers unparalleled traffic signal control with state-of-the-art traffic control features including support for connected vehicles, priority for multimodal transportation, and the latest peer-to-peer communications technology.

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ITS Controllers

Effectively manage even your most complex intersections with the line of Yunex Traffic Controllers including the Yutraffic Blade, a transportation control platform that goes far beyond intersection control. This next generation IoT platform for intelligent transportation systems combines edge-computing technology with a traditional Advanced Transportation Controller, building a bridge to future technologies, today.

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