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Unparalleled Intersection Control

Smart cities need smart intersections

Using innovative concepts, cities are able to actively manage traffic. Intelligent infrastructure systems help make optimal use of the available resources through centralized control and management.

Innovative concept reduce pressure on roads

Intersections are quite complex, even too complex, not just for human drivers but also for autonomous vehicles. So how can cities protect and intelligently guide road users at intersections while at the same time reducing congestion and pollution? One answer is smart intersections. They connect road and infrastructure data acquired by smart systems to enable deriving measures for efficient traffic control, improving traffic flow, increasing safety, and reducing emissions.

Our Solutions

Intelligent traffic management for today and tomorrow

Our comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions enables you to manage traffic both efficiently and effectively. The results: measurable improvements in traffic flow, lower emissions from traffic, and higher road safety.

Intersection Control Software

Get unparalleled traffic signal control with SEPAC, a priority software that enables mobility, safety and a better environment in order to improve the quality of life in cities. The software is designed for Yunex Traffic “m” series and CalTrans 2070 style controllers, as well as for ATC (Linux based) controllers.

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ITS Controllers

Effectively manage even your most complex intersections with the line of Yunex Traffic Controllers including the “M” series which is a feature-rich traffic signal controller with the robust performance required to meet ever changing traffic demands.

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