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Traffic Management Applications

Unlocking Mobility with Yutraffic Applications

we believe that smart traffic management is the cornerstone of efficient, safe, and sustainable cities. Our suite of cutting-edge applications—Yutraffic Insights, Yutraffic Datahub, and Yutraffic Explorer—empowers cities to transform their traffic landscape.

Enhance your cities mobility

Unlock the future of transportation management

Issues such an increased congestion and emissions, fragmented mobility services, and maybe most importantly safety are transportation challenges that cities face everyday. With advanced transportation applications, like ATSPM cities can easily optimize traffic flow and better manage tasks so traffic managers can get back to what’s important – keeping our cities moving.

Yutraffic Insights

Imagine a tool that not only monitors the pulse of a transportation network (tracking arrival on greens, queue lengths and vehicles per hour) but also empowers traffic managers and engineers to make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of the system and enhance the traveler experience. From reducing congestion to enhancing pedestrian safety, and minimizing environmental impact, Yutraffic Insights holds the key to unlocking a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable city.

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Yutraffic Explorer

Empowering Control Editing your SEPAC Controller databases has never been easier. With Yutraffic Explorer, a browser-based solution, you’re in command. Built-in change tracking ensures transparency—compare historical databases to understand modifications. Set timing for future events, whether it’s construction or timing optimization. Yutraffic Explorer puts the power back in your hands

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Yutraffic Data Hub

The Yutraffic Data Hub gives cities a cloud-based platform that enables the sharing of traffic and transportation data with partners, suppliers, academia and existing systems through modern open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be managed based on the city’s requirements.

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