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Advanced Traffic Management Solutions

Traffic managment solutions from a global market leader

Explore Yunex Traffic’s comprehensive suite of advanced transportation management solutions, ranging from adaptive traffic management to full-scale central management systems. Our systems are designed with users in mind and are utilizing cloud technologies to push out redevelopment and ensure seamless integration with existing installations.

With unparalleled expertise in implementing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, Yunex Traffic provides all the essential elements for effective traffic control. Witness a measurable enhancement in traffic flow, a reduction in environmental pollution caused by traffic, and an increase in road safety.

Our Solutions

Connect and optimize your infrastructure

You can do both: Optimize traffic and traffic flows and utilizing your existing traffic infrastructure and systems. Use our solutions for intelligent traffic management to get your city ready for tomorrow’s traffic today.

Advanced Traffic Management Platforms

Navigate the future of transportation management with Yutraffic Studio.

One overarching management platform for seamless integration of multiple systems.

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Traffic Management Applications

We believe that smart traffic management is the cornerstone of efficient, safe, and sustainable cities. Our suite of cutting-edge applications—Yutraffic Insights, Yutraffic Datahub, and Yutraffic Explorer—empowers cities to transform their traffic landscape.

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Adaptive Signal Control

Whether you are travelling by car, foot, bicycle, or public transit adaptive control optimizes your road network and transport infrastructure, improving road user safety, travel times and reliability, whilst reducing vehicle emissions.

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