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Empowering Urban Progress: Leafing the charge in ITS Upgrades and Maintenace Services

Ever since Yunex Traffic pioneered the nation’s first electric streetlight system in Cleveland, cities have consistently turned to us for transformative infrastructure enhancements. Today, as we propel municipalities towards a future of Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) transportation, our commitment remains unwavering.

We go beyond the ordinary, offering cutting-edge design-build improvements, innovative traffic engineering solutions, and seamless routine maintenance, backed by around-the-clock emergency support. Our expertise extends to the realm of lighting control systems and advanced wireless capabilities, ensuring cities stay brilliantly lit and connected.

At Yunex Traffic, with over our comprehensive portfolio sets the benchmark, featuring on-street traffic hardware, scalable traffic management software, and energy-efficient traffic signals and streetlights. As the vanguard of intelligent transportation solutions, we redefine urban landscapes, delivering not just services, but a vision for a smarter, more connected future.”

Energizing Urban Efficiency: Yunex Traffic’s Streetlight Revolution

Yunex Traffic leads the charge in transforming cityscapes by revolutionizing streetlights, a city’s largest utility expense. Our energy-efficient retrofitting process, boasting over 368,000 conversions, incorporates cutting-edge technologies like LED lights. From energy analysis to meticulous audits, we ensure system standardization, efficiency gains, and top-tier maintenance services. Balancing savings and optimal lighting, our designs prioritize longevity.

But we don’t stop at technical excellence. Yunex Traffic provides financial analyses and aids in funding identification, delivering not just innovation but tangible economic benefits. As the premier installer of energy-efficient retrofits, we seamlessly integrate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to future-proof your city’s transportation infrastructure.

Setting the standard with expertise: Yunex Traffic’s Exceptional Team

Yunex Traffic stands at the forefront of the transportation industry, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence through a highly qualified team. With the industry’s largest workforce of IMSA Level III Certified Traffic Signal Technicians, we ensure unparalleled skill and proficiency to drive innovation and reliability in every project.

Retrofitting Traffic Signals

A cost-effective, turnkey solution is also available for retrofitting traffic signals with LED lights. Our solution provides real opportunities for reducing energy consumption by replacing incandescent lamps with low-power, high-reliability LED modules. We identify potential energy and maintenance savings, calculate project costs, and then procure and install the best available products.

Redefining Excellence in Services

Yunex Traffic is your one-stop solution for engineering, testing, and repair, as well as utility and call box services. Our comprehensive offerings range from design and review to traffic engineering, land development, and IT services. With test and repair facilities on both coasts, we specialize in traffic signal control product repairs and cabinet/controller certifications. Our utilities services cover system inventory, emergency response, wood pole testing, AMI network, AMR electric meters, and detailed line inspection. Additionally, we are experts in installation of fiber optic communication sites and repair as a service.

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