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Yutraffic Explorer

SEPAC Controller Database Editor

Effortlessly edit your SEPAC Controller databases with Yutraffic Explorer. This browser-based, comprehensive solution gives power back to the user with built-in change tracking and a sophisticated compare feature. Leverage database variant management to set timing for future events, such as construction of timing optimization

Effortless Data Display

Yutraffic Explorer has been meticulously crafted with user-friendly design principles, ensuring a seamless and functional experience. Embracing intuitive UI concepts, the interface is instantly familiar to users, promoting ease of use. The SEPAC database editor mirrors the structure of SEPAC’s front panel, enhancing navigation simplicity. Through innovative design, our platform empowers users to showcase a wealth of data surpassing SEPAC’s front panel or your ATMS, providing an all-encompassing perspective.

Features and benefits

  • Increase productivity with a modern solution that delivers a high level of performance for every operation
  • Comprehensive overall view that SEPAC users will be instantly familiar with
  • Easily open and compare history of databases downloaded, giving users understanding of what changes were made and why
  • Detects if a controller’s database has been changed outside of Yutraffic Explorer

Perform processes faster and increase productivity with this modern software solution that delivers a high level of performance for every operation; be it loading or saving a database, uploads and downloads, or database compares and reports

Easily open and compare a comprehensive history of databases downloaded to a controller, including user
comments and timestamps, giving users control to understand what changes were made and why.

Detects if a controller’s configuration database has been changed outside of Yutraffic Explorer. The solution audits the controller database checksum (CRC) and will detect and display a discrepancy when the controller is opened in Yutraffic Explorer. SEPAC calculates a unique checksum value for its current database of parameters. If any parameter is changed, for example via the front panel, the checksum changes too. When the user opens the controller in Yutraffic Explorer, it detects the checksum update(CRC mismatch) and displays a corresponding alert.

Allows users to create any number of copies of a controller’s database (called “variants”) and manage
them within the system. This is especially helpful to prepare a database change for an upcoming event like a parade or sports event, as well as planned roadwork and maintenance.