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Intelligent Transportation Systems Enforcement

Dynamic express lane management, enforcement solutions for bus lane enforcement and advanced “Don’t Block the Box” technologies

Mobile bus lane enforcement solution in New York

Proven technology in one of the busiest cities in the world. Yunex Traffic bus lane enforcement cameras are now being used on NYC buses.

At a glance

Enforcement solutions

Yunex Traffic Civil Enforcement makes use of a suite of hardware and software products. The goal: Provide end users with a tool kit of enforcement products to tackle road safety, traffic congestion, emissions damage, and traffic regulation compliance – as well as other traffic-related issues including the provision of CCTV images to help traffic authorities monitor the road network.

The Yunex Traffic solution has been designed to provide end users with a re-deployable bus lane and moving traffic violation enforcement solution. Almost “plug and play” in its configuration, it makes use of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software in combination with advanced image processing – for the detection and identification of vehicles. Every deployment is customized based on prevailing legislation and business rules.


  • Low installation costs
  • Efficient running costs/self-financing
  • Easy redeployment
  • High quality video/still image evidence
  • Enforce bus lane and moving traffic violations
  • Multiple ticketing configurations available

Yunex Traffic‘s industry leading technology can provide a solution to the problems of cars parking in dedicated bus lanes. Application of this technology can reduce travel times, help to maintain on-time performance, and increase rider satisfaction. By installing our AI powered mobile solution we can work with your agency to enforce bus lane regulations.



  • Prevent bus lane parking
  • Improve travel times in both BRT and local bus service
  • Platform based approach
  • Efficient operating costs/self-financing
  • High quality video/still image evidence
  • Enforce bus lane and moving traffic violations

The Yunex Traffic solution adds the ability to detect and enforce traffic violations at complex traffic intersections. Using sophisticated video analytics for the detection and tracking of vehicle movement with an embedded business rule engine provides the ability to define a range of scenarios which generates a traffic offense including intersection blocking, vehicle classification or dangerous maneuver enforcement.


  • Efficient detection of violations
  • High level accuracy
  • Reduced review requirements
  • High quality video and still image evidence
  • 24/7 operation
  • Low cost evidence transmission
  • Mounts to existing infrastructure
  • Cloud hosted solution

Yunex Traffic‘s team of dedicated engineers can work with your agency to provide a myriad of AI powered enforcement solutions and cutting-edge smart-city deployments. Other enforcement use cases include point speed, average speed, red light, clean air zone, tolling, over height, overweight, bus stop parking and unloading.

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