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Yunex Traffic Major Smart Region Initiative – Coachella Valley: Largest deployment of RSU to enhance road safety

  • Yunex Traffic, with partners, deploys 230 RSU2X connected vehicle units in phase two of CVAG’s Sync Project, enabling real-time city communication for traffic management, funding access, and improved motorist communication.
  • The installation includes a travel-time license, allowing CVAG to measure trip times from connected vehicles, ensuring precise signal timing. Yunex Traffic’s Yutraffic Concert integrates into the ATMS, empowering engineers to control RSUs and send targeted traveler information to onboard CV units.
  • The Coachella Valley project is a standout traffic management initiative, watched closely for its role in advancing smart regions. Yunex Traffic’s RSU groundwork positions the Coachella Valley as a connectivity pioneer, setting a template for future smart regions.

Coachella Valley, CA December 13, 2023  – Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, is announcing a significant advancement in the Coachella Valley Association of Government’s (CVAG) Smart Traffic Region. In collaboration with partners Advantec Consulting Engineers, Inc., Western Systems, and Crosstown Electrical & Data, Inc., Yunex Traffic is deploying 230 RSU2X connected vehicle roadside units (RSUs) as part of the second phase of this transformative project. This addition complements the 140 RSUs installed during phase one, creating one of the largest RSU installations in the U.S.

Elevating road safety efforts with advanced technologies

The installation focuses on safety, featuring a travel-time license that allows CVAG to measure trip times from connected vehicles. This crucial data enables precise signal timing and implementation of traffic measures to enhance road safety, a top priority in Yunex Traffic’s commitment to intelligent transportation systems. Traffic engineers will integrate Yunex’s Yutraffic Concert platform into the main advanced traffic control system (ATMS), to control the RSUs, giving then the ability to send targeted traveler information (TIN) messages to any vehicle with an on-board CV unit.

The upgrade is one of the most watched traffic management projects in the nation because of its unique view in advancing smart regions and focusing on interoperability and advanced technologies. The Coachella Valley is also home to major public events including its professional tennis tournament and Coachella, the annual music and arts festival, which attracts more than 600,000 people each Spring. “We are planning to have our RSUs up and operating before the festival,” said Iouri Nemirovski, Yunex Traffic’s U.S. Field Device Product Manager. “The Coachella Valley and its nine cities are unique with massive influxes and egresses, set against relatively quiet traffic periods. It’s the perfect venue to showcase advanced traffic management and connected vehicle technology. We’re delighted to be part of this effort to create a smart region.”

Driving smart connectivity

The smart region will ultimately cover arterial roads, and through a partnership with California’s state transportation agency, Caltrans, the region’s freeways. Carlos Ortiz, CEO of Advantec Consulting Engineers, Inc. and manager of CVAG’s Smart Traffic Region project said Yunex Traffic’s role in the effort is critical to the initiatives’ success. “Connecting infrastructure to vehicles so we can mine traffic data and deliver messages into cars is the definition of smart. We’re very excited to be working with Yunex Traffic and leaning on their global expertise.” Yunex Traffic remains one of the world’s number-one manufacturer of RSUs.

While the third phase of the project is still to be outlined, the RSU groundwork being laid in phases one and two, positions Coachella Valley for even more advanced connectivity as the smart region evolves. “Once the network of RSUs is installed they’ll be able to implement signal priority for transit and emergency vehicles as well as rollout vulnerable user safety with crosswalk detection and notification, among many other initiatives.” said Yunex Traffic’s Nemirovski. “Coachella Valley will provide a template for the smart region of the future.”

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