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Yutraffic Solutions

Introducing Yunex Traffic’s suite of ITS Solutions, YUTRAFFIC. These state-of-the art solutions made just for North America use data collection and AI to complete your smart city. See how your city streets can be safer, more efficient, and provide a better quality of life.

More than your typical Signal Performance Measure Tool (SPM)

Yutraffic Insights

Yutraffic Insights is a cloud-based platform that empowers traffic agencies and industry professionals alike to effortlessly manage and improve the efficiency of their intersections, with no additional setup required. Designed to be more than the typical Signal Performance Measures (SPM) tool, Yutraffic Insights offers advanced analytics, alarm customization and management, and automatic data transfer from TACTICS™, enabling traffic professionals to optimize their intersections with utmost ease when sudden or expected disruptions occur.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic and instantaneous data transfer from controllers and TACTICS to Yutraffic Insights
  • Seamless integration with TACTICS. Access Yutraffic Insights directly from your TACTICS platform or an internet browser
  • Access intersection data anywhere, anytime via the cloud
  • Build and subscribe to customized alarms with the Intuitive Alarm Logic Build

SEPAC Controller Database Editor

Yutraffic Explorer

Effortlessly edit your SEPAC Controller databases with Yutraffic Explorer. This browser-based, comprehensive solution gives power back to the user with built-in change tracking and a sophisticated compare feature. Leverage database variant management to set timing for future events, such as construction of timing optimization

Features and Benefits

  • Increase productivity with a modern solution that delivers a high level of performance for every operation
  • Comprehensive overall view that SEPAC users will be instantly familiar with
  • Easily open and compare history of databases downloaded, giving users understanding of what changes were made and why
  • Detects if a controller’s database has been changed outside of YutrafficExplorer

A data-driven future enabled by an open data platform

Yutraffic Data Hub

The Yutraffic Data Hub gives cities a cloud-based platform that enables the sharing of traffic and transportation data with partners, suppliers, academia and existing systems through modern open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be managed based on the city’s requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Open data exchange helps aid performance metrics and research, allowing cities to share their own data with private sector partners, academia and to other systems to enhance transportation and traffic operations.
  • Scalable and secure platform, the Yutraffic Data Hub can host any type of data with security by design to allow cities to manage what data to be shared and who with they will share it with securely.
  • API usage insights will help cities better understand and manage data usage trends