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Visit us at ITS California: Explore the Future of Traffic Management

In the world of traffic management, innovation is the driving force behind progress. At this year´s ITS California Annual Meeting, we are excited to share insights from our journey into the future of traffic management. Join us, and our time travelling DeLorean in Anaheim later this month as we unveil our latest solutions designed to simplify and enhance traffic control – powered by intelligent, connected data. And this is what to expect:

Simplicity in Complexity

The future of traffic management is surprisingly simple. Our research has shown that solving complex traffic challenges doesn’t always require complex solutions. We are proud to showcase our suite of user-friendly Yutraffic solutions at Booth 300. These solutions are designed to empower traffic engineers to tackle intricate problems effortlessly.

Introducing Yutraffic Blade

At this year´s ITS, we´ll showcase our new device, Yutraffic Blade. Unlike conventional traffic controllers, this device goes beyond the basics. Equipped with a quad-core processor and powerful edge computing, it utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze vast datasets, offering solutions to a wide range of traffic issues. The best part? You can manage these solutions from a single web browser screen or even use the onboard color interface at the cabinet. The Yutraffic Blade seamlessly integrates with any Traffic Management Center computer, ensuring accessibility for all.

Unlocking Actionable Insights

In the quest for successful traffic management, accurate information is crucial. Yutraffic Insights, as its name suggests, provides granular analytics and customizable alerts, making data-driven decisions a reality. Our focus on optimized and digitized intersections, driven by AI and Machine Learning, contributes to efficient roadways, enhanced driver safety, and a healthier planet.

Smart Cities Demand Smart Solutions

The rise of urban living creates a bridge between traditional Urban Traffic Control and Advanced Transportation Management. We´ll introduce Yutraffic Studio, the next-generation ATMS designed with smart cities in mind. Just like our Yutraffic Blade, Studio simplifies complex traffic management, offering traffic managers an intuitive point of focus.

Embracing Connectivity

As our time travelers predict, future corridors will be increasingly connected to vehicles. We take pride in developing the world’s most deployed Roadside Unit (RSU2X), fully tested to connect with 2023 OEM model cars. At ITS California, we’ll showcase a wall of RSU2Xs, highlighting our commitment to the future of traffic management. Moreover, our collaboration with Bosch combines RSU2X with Bosch video sensors to detect vulnerable road users and alert connected vehicle drivers, enhancing safety on our roads.

Join Us in Anaheim

The future of traffic management is bright, and we are excited to bring it to you this October in Anaheim. We invite you to visit us, explore our innovations up close, and engage in discussions. Click the link below to set up a meeting or request a demo today:

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Let’s shape the future of traffic management together, one simple and effective solution at a time.