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Recap: Yunex Traffic at ITS World Congress 2022

Ready for Our Closeup: Yunex Traffic Celebrates Innovation and Saving the Environment in Los Angeles

With the Iconic Hollywood sign in view, Yunex Traffic celebrated the return to a post-pandemic, near normal 28th ITS World Congress in Los Angeles in September 2022. Delayed by COVID-19, there was an air of pent-up excitement as more than 6,000 transportation leaders from 64 countries descended on the L.A. Convention Center. The annual event usually rotates between North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, but with a 2-year COVID delay and the fact that the last North American event was held in Montreal, Canada, this World Congress brought the event back to the United States for the first time since Detroit in 2014.

Yunex Traffic’s innovation connects the dots of mobility

At Yunex Traffic, we were one of a few ITS World Congress exhibitors showcasing brand new technology. While much of the industry has contracted amid concerns about the global economy and supply chain issues, we have continued innovating to connect the dots of the mobility revolution. We’re combining innovation with physical products and digital solutions that focus on safety, reducing emissions and improving quality of life. The perfect case in point, our Blade Controller which justifiably drew a lot of attention from agencies (and a few competitors). Blade takes the conventional controller and turns it on its head. With onboard edge computing, a 7” touch screen, quad core processor, dual power supplies, Wi-Fi and customizable analytics, Blade is years ahead of competing controllers with the tools traffic managers need to reduce congestion and emissions, creating a more efficient, greener traffic system

Blade quarterbacked (to use American Football terminology) a suite of technologies we showcased in Los Angeles including:

  • Yutraffic Symphony – Symphony is our next generation ATMS due out in 2023 and builds upon the successes of Concert, but advances traffic management to an entirely new level. Whether on premise or in the cloud, Symphony focuses on complex urban traffic management and can be customized for multiple operators to ensure real-time congestion and incident response. It’s completely flexible and can integrate unlimited 3rd party data and apps, detection, variable signs, and environmental management. Symphony can prepare every agency for a CAV/IoT future.
  • Yutraffic Studio – Available in 2023, this cloud-ready, real-time traffic management system for any size agency goes way beyond basic ATMS functions. It can handle large loads of data, including 3rd party data, and provides key insights with a highly intuitive, at-a-glance interface for quick decision making.
  • Yutraffic FUSION – FUSION is a new cloud-based system for intelligent and adaptive traffic control. No longer focused solely on vehicle delays and stops at an intersection, FUSION allows operators to look at every road user (vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle, transit, etc.) and make decisions based on modal priorities across an entire network. It also operates with a higher performance rate and lower cost than other systems.
  • OBU2X and RSU2X – Our newest onboard and roadside units, that were successfully tested as part of the U.S. DOT’s Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) Connected Vehicle Pilot. As an outcome of that test, the RSU2X, with a 1-mile effective radius, remains the only roadside unit tested and guaranteed to be compatible with the major automakers’ connected vehicles being released in the 2023 model year.

Taken individually, each of these units and software modules is a home run (please forgive one more American sports term). Together, they represented the most advanced suite of new traffic management offerings on display in L.A. That’s why our exhibit booth in Los Angeles was packed from event beginning to event end.

“We got a lot of attention from a lot of the right people,” said Rodney Mathis, Yunex Traffic President and Managing Director for the U.S. “In many ways, this ITS World Congress validated our strategy of continuing to innovate and populate the market with advanced tools that are good for the traffic management community, good for the public and good for the environment. Our commitment to reducing emissions puts us on the right side of history and the response in L.A. confirms our belief that you can be good stewards of the environment, and good businesspeople too.”

Bringing “ein kleines bisschen” of Germany to L.A.

While our demos drew consistent crowds, our Oktoberfest celebration in honor of our German roots was a social highlight. With Michael Gärtner, VP Product, Systems and DevOps, decked out in full lederhosen, and with a variety of German beers available, attendees got more familiar with Yunex Traffic while getting even more familiar with German culture.

And when he wasn’t sporting his heritage, or espousing the values of Yunex Traffic products, Michael also used his experience in Germany to speak on a panel about lessons learned in Europe and how they might benefit American traffic agencies.

Face to Face, Finally

For many attendees, this ITS World Congress 2022 marked a return to face-to-face meetings. After more than two years of Zoom and Teams meetings, our team members were able to do what they do best, explain in person and with the passion they live every day, the benefits of Yunex Traffic’s sustainable, innovative approach to the future.

Because Yunex Traffic is at the center of two revolutions.

Digital makes sense for traffic management, and it makes sense for the long-term viability of our planet. It’s what we’ve believed for a while and now, the rest of the transportation world is catching up. As we continue to build on the success of the ITS World Congress, digitization and sustainability will be at the core of everything we do. “In traffic management, sustainability can’t happen without innovative, thoughtful digitization,” said Rodney Mathis. “We were among the first organizations to embrace green as a core value and now we’re doubling down to ensure we leave this planet in better shape for our children and their children too.”