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Creating Mobility Solutions that put the livable in livable cities

Of the approximately 330 million American residents, 275 million live in urban areas. As city living has returned to popularity and urban centers have become family hubs, residents expect and demand efficient, safe and environmentally conscious urban mobility. Mobility is a leading quality of life issue, and without smart planning and thoughtful technology, cities can quickly become an epicenter for traffic congestion, C02 emissions, accidents, and crashes.  

It’s why smart urban transportation planners take a holistic approach, ensuring that everyone, whether they’re driving their own vehicles, utilizing transit, walking or riding bicycles, can access high quality mobility options that enhance their lives, not detract from them.  

Yunex Traffic: thinking like urban planners 

It would be easy to just build products, but building them without context is missing a critical point. We consider smart urban mobility from every perspective, then we consider how we can make it better. In urban areas, road expansion is rarely an option, and digitizing intersections or entire networks is crucial to maintaining a free flow of traffic that protects people and the planet. 

So how do we put the livable in Livable Cities? It’s about creating solutions that contribute to the efficiency and safety of communities, while protecting their environment. It’s about equipping traffic managers with the most comprehensive information to make the right decisions. Traffic managers are routinely faced with complex issues that are made even more complex by tools and systems that don’t integrate with each other. Data capture, signal timing and connectivity are crucial functions that are often siloed, but at Yunex Traffic, we don’t just think like developers, we think like traffic managers.  

A comprehensive approach to enhancing urban transportation

Our brand new Yutraffic Blade controller is a perfect example of this innovative thinking at work. As the most advanced traffic controller in history, the Yutraffic Blade is designed with edge computing, enabling any number of 3rd party apps to run on its system, and with a powerful quad core processor it’s ready for the digitized future, today.  

When it’s paired with YuTraffic Insights, traffic managers are constantly and continuously armed with the right information at the right time. They can view current or historical data to make the right decisions, set custom alarms and utilize built in AI and machine learning to optimize one intersection, or many.  

Our cloud-based YuTraffic Studio takes standard ATMS functions to completely new heights, capable of ingesting massive amounts of local and third-party data, with an at-a-glance interface for quick decision making.  

These are solutions with context. 

Seamless connectivity for Smart Urban Mobility

With so much data currently available, and the promise of exponential growth, the key is connectivity, and Yunex Traffic solutions are designed to connect with devices, vehicles and infrastructure. Our vertically integrated solutions work together to provide seamless mobility. People may never see all the pieces collaborating, but they’ll certainly feel the benefits, but that’s just the beginning of the smart urban mobility equation. As vehicles become increasingly connected, YuTraffic solutions will grow with them with the industry standard in vehicle to infrastructure connectivity.  

We are the world’s leading provider of roadside units (RSUs), the devices that allow connected vehicles to communicate with roads, and the people who manage them. Our new RSU2X is the only device of its kind guaranteed to operate with the onboard units (OBU’s) built into 2023 model cars. By design, they’re exposed to the elements and built to be extremely resilient. When Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida as a Category 4 storm, Yunex Traffic’s Tampa-based RSU’s continued operating throughout the event. That connection is the key. According to Juniper Research, there are currently 192 million connected vehicles operating around the globe with that number expected to reach 367 million by 2027. It’s that connection that protects vulnerable road users, eliminates congestion, reduces wait times at traffic signals and by extension, limits carbon emissions from idling vehicles.    

Urban living is here to stay. Young families, businesspeople and seniors are embracing an environment where mobility options are plentiful and the freedom to move efficiently is a given, not an aspiration. For us, that’s the reward. At Yunex Traffic, those residents may not know our name, but we’re confident they’ll benefit from everything we do.