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Elgin’s Smart Traffic Management: A Journey to Efficiency 

Elgin, Illinois, a city known for its forward-thinking approach, has taken on the challenge of updating their transportation infrastructure to…

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Driving Innovation: Trish Plonski Unveils the Future of SaaS in Transportation

Trish Plonski, our trailblazing Executive Vice President of Sales, is shaking up the transportation industry. In our exclusive interview, we…

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The Yutraffic Blade Controller: Elevating Safety and Efficiency at Kansas Intersection

Austin, TX February 29, 2024 – Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, is announcing the successful installation…

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Yunex Traffic – Tackling Traffic with Yutraffic Studio

As Super Bowl LVII approaches, the spotlight isn’t just on the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs; it’s…

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Creating Mobility Solutions that put the livable in livable cities

Of the approximately 330 million American residents, 275 million live in urban areas. As city living has returned to popularity…

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Yunex Launches Yutraffic Studio –  Customer Inspired, Cloud-Based Advanced Traffic Management Platform in the US

Austin, TX December 5, 2023 – Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, today launched Yutraffic Studio, one…

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Yunex Traffic and partners to advance autonomous shuttle capability

Yunex Traffic announced the successful integration of the company’s OBUs and RSUs into the University of Florida’s autonomous shuttle program. The initiative is part of a research project funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), called the Trapezium Project, and in Gainesville, will allow two autonomous Transdev EasyMile shuttles operating around the University of Florida Campus to observe and obey traffic signals.

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