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Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch Security and Safety Systems: Leveraging AI to make roads safer

At Yunex Traffic, ensuring road safety is one of our top priorities. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to make roads safer by providing intelligent solutions that improve visibility, detect hazards early, and contribute to the Vision Zero goal. As a testament to our commitment, Yunex Traffic USA is collaborating with Bosch Security and Safety Systems to combine our technical expertise to revolutionize intelligent transportation systems. This partnership opens new possibilities for improved traffic management solutions and safer intersections.

At the heart of this collaboration, we interviewed Joel White (Solutions Strategy Owner ITS at Bosch Security and Safety Systems) and Michael Gaertner (Vice President of Products and Solutions at Yunex Traffic USA) to delve into the crucial theme of Vision Zero.

Can you describe the key features and benefits of the Yunex Traffic intelligent safety solution for connected vehicles powered by Bosch video AI, and how it contributes to improving road safety?

Michael Gaertner: I think the key feature is an out of the box solution aimed at protecting all road users – drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and more. By combining connected vehicle infrastructure like Yunex Traffic’s Roadside Units (RSUs) and the advanced AI video detection solutions from Bosch, we are able to provide solutions that accurately detect and identify vulnerable road users and warn approaching vehicles of a possible incident.  

Joel White: I agree. Improving driver and vulnerable road user situational awareness enables them to act earlier and avoid collisions. We are able to do this with Bosch camera’s detection and trajectory tracking capabilities for vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs) that continually stream data to Yunex Traffic’s RSU, facilitating broadcast notifications to Onboard Units (OBUs) in connected vehicles, mobile handset applications, and other receiving technologies. 

What motivated Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch to join forces on this Vision Zero Solution, and how does it align with your companies’ commitment to safety? 

Michael Gaertner: The decision for Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch to collaborate on the Vision Zero Solution is driven by a mutual commitment to prioritizing road safety. Both companies are dedicated to continually investing in advanced solutions, such as the Connected Vehicle Portfolio and AI technology, with the primary goal of supporting customers in enhancing road safety. What sets this collaboration apart is the long-term support provided for our products and solutions. This joint effort reflects a practical commitment to safety, emphasizing not only initial implementation but also ongoing support to ensure the sustained effectiveness of the solutions offered by both Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch. 

Joel White: For decades, Bosch has developed video analytics technology used in vehicles for driver assistance, semi-autonomous and autonomous driving, and intelligent safety systems. Similar AI technologies are embedded into Bosch video sensors for infrastructure deployments. Yunex Traffic is an experienced provider of connected vehicle and intelligent transportation technologies. So, it was easy to see how combining the technology offerings of the two companies would provide a Vision Zero solution that would easily enable mobility operators to make cities, vehicles, and infrastructure intelligent. The solution delivers efficient processing of camera-based detections, and no additional interface devices are needed for the RSU to transmit safety messages to connected vehicles. The integration results in effective, accurate, low-latency solutions that are easier to install and maintain.  

Intersection safety is a critical aspect of road safety (>50% of all traffic fatalities are vulnerable road users). How does your solution address the unique challenges of making intersections safer for all road users?

Michael Gaertner: Ensuring safety at intersections is crucial in our approach to road safety. The Yunex Traffic / Bosch solution takes a tailored and adaptable approach to address the specific challenges of making intersections safer for all road users. One focal point of our solution is the implementation of a strategy designed to enhance safety at unsignalized Pedestrian Crosswalks. This targeted approach is particularly significant in high-risk zones such as school zones, mid-block crossings, and locations with elevated pedestrian traffic. By prioritizing these vulnerable road users, our solution aims to significantly increase safety and provide a secure environment for all, aligning with our overarching commitment to road safety for everyone. 

Can you share any real-world examples or success stories of how the Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch collaboration has already made a positive impact on road safety and reduced accidents involving vulnerable road users? 

Michael Gaertner: In Gainesville, Florida, Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch teamed up for a cool project. We used Yunex Traffic’s Vision Zero solution with Bosch’s smart cameras at intersections and mid-block spots around the University of Florida’s main area. These cameras don’t just watch; the video AI triggers the infrastructure and send messages to receiving devices such as OBUs or cell phones, raising awareness and boosting safety.  

Picture a student cruising on a skateboard – no need to push buttons; the app tells them when to cross and how much time they have. It’s a game-changer for campus safety. For drivers, it means a super-aware environment, making the whole place safer. This collaboration is turning safety ideas into action, making roads safer and smarter. 

The collaboration between Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch focuses on protecting vulnerable road users. Could you elaborate on the specific safety measures and technologies in place to address the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable groups? 

Joel White: For a driver, raising awareness that a vulnerable road user is present nearby even if the VRU is obstructed from the driver’s view is a first step to improving safety. The Bosch cameras with on-board IVA Pro Traffic detect and classify objects as a person, bicycle, or motorcycle, in addition to cars, buses or trucks. When a VRU is detected, the cameras prompt the Yunex Traffic RSU to send a safety message to connected vehicles as they approach the area. This advanced notice gives drivers more time to react, by reducing speed, stopping, or another measure to help avert a collision on the road.  

How can other stakeholders cooperate with you? 

Michael Gaertner: It’s as easy as contacting us! Collaborating with Yunex Traffic USA and Bosch for safer intersections is all about customization and teamwork. We offer tailor-made solutions for critical safety spots, working closely with local governments and transportation authorities. Together, we define and deliver what each intersection, town, or city needs. Drawing from our joint experience, we are able to provide suggestions and best practices to find the optimal safety solution for each community. It’s a collaborative process that ensures safety measures are effective and fit the unique needs of every location. If you are interested in more details feel free to contact us at anytime.

Joel White: Local government or transportation authorities can simply reach out to Bosch or Yunex Traffic USA to request a demonstration or proof of concept installation for the solution. Bosch has a dedicated mailbox to reach the right people to begin that conversation –