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Creating Sustainable Solutions and Reducing Carbon Emissions for Your Family and Ours

Ultimately, we all want the same thing: to leave a better, healthier place for our children and their children, but right now, we’re staring down the barrel of one of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change. The crisis is accelerating, and at Yunex Traffic we’re designing sustainable solutions that will improve the environment, rather than destroy it.

The U.S. Census determined 80% of Americans live in cities, up 6.4% between 2010 and 2020, yet as urban living has become more desirable, more cars have contributed to more congestion and more emissions, which ironically has made urban living less desirable. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 28% of carbon pollutants that clog America’s air.

There are two ways to react to those numbers, with shock and a sense of inevitability, or with a commitment to do something about it. At Yunex Traffic, we choose the latter.

Sustainability through digitization and changing mobility

As transportation technology innovators, we know digitization can help reverse the trend. If we digitize our cities, we can make urban life more sustainable and worth living for everyone. Intelligent and adaptive traffic control through digitization means that we regulate urban traffic so that everyone wins: public transport, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, but the main winner will be the environment.

Changing public mobility habits is a major first step. Reducing reliance on cars, often with a single occupant, will go a long way to reducing the carbon emissions that plague our cities. Urban centers, particularly in Europe, have adopted congestion and emission pricing to reduce the number of vehicles in cities while charging a penalty for those whose vehicles are the worst emission offenders. But there has also been a significant public attitude change over the last few years. After a dramatic reduction during COVID-19, transit ridership is steadily increasing. The global pandemic created a “bike boom,” and while bicycle sales have slowed from their high, there is ample evidence that more people are using bicycles for personal mobility and recreation, than did in 2019. Major cities and small towns have embraced cycling with bike lanes and signal prioritization, and electric scooters are a staple in many urban centers. In much the same way, cities are encouraging pedestrians with safety applications and fitness regimes.

Advocating for Alternative Mobility

At Yunex Traffic, we’re committed to doing our part and we’re actively encouraging alternative forms of mobility. Our YuBike application is a perfect example. With a few clicks on a cell phone application, users can find and activate intersections that offer cyclist signal priority. We’re also committed to protecting vulnerable road users including both cyclists and pedestrians because if we’re encouraging change and we can’t keep people safe, what’s the point?

Traffic Managers on the Front Lines

We’re also empowering traffic managers with solutions that offer deep situational awareness, to make decisions that will keep traffic moving and reduce commute times. It’s a philosophy embodied in our latest products including our Yutraffic Blade controller and our Yutraffic Insights platform. Traffic engineers and managers are on the front lines of the sustainability movement and equipping them with the tools to make the best decisions at the right time with the most comprehensive information is key to reducing congestion. The Yutraffic Blade asks the question, “what does a traffic manager need to do the job quickly, simply and effectively?” It answers that question with onboard IoT/Edge computing, the ability to run 3rd party environmental apps, customizable analytics and unprecedented capability, all in a small, rack mountable package.

Meanwhile, Yutraffic Insights gives those same traffic managers a clear view of past, current and future issues using predictive AI and Machine Learning to optimize traffic configurations with advanced analytics and customizable alarms.

“I’m very passionate about sustainability and ensuring a better quality of life for people,” said Rodney Mathis, President and Managing Director of Yunex Traffic, US. As a company, we’re making it easy for traffic managers to make decisions that not only reduce congestion, but care for the environment at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a choice. We can actively do both while reducing agency costs.”  

Let’s Work Together

These are just a few examples that illustrate our innovative thinking and problem-solving approach. At Yunex Traffic, we are at the forefront of making sustainability a top priority in traffic management. That said, we can’t do it all. We can only master the challenges of urban mobility if we do it together. We’ll collaborate with anyone, city planners, federal, state and local agencies, and even other companies in the industry, because the challenge is that big. And while the crisis is global, the solutions are local. While the short-term urgency is real, the long-term implications are profound, and when we get it right, it’s future generations, your kids and ours, who will enjoy clean, healthy air.

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